Make & Receive Payments In 65+ Currencies With Many More Coming Soon

Grow your addressable market with payouts to cards, accounts and wallets around the world.

Exclusive Range Of Service To Manage Your Finance And Spending

Securely you can connect all your bank account and track your spending from a single dashboard, giving you a hollistic overview of your expenditure.

multi currency wallet

Open a global bank account for free to receive and make foreign payments or convert currencies, all in one place.

receive money

You can receive money from another country without stress; tier money gets you covered.

send money

Send money to your family and friends who are in another country with just a few clicks.


Enjoy market-leading, real-time rates in multiple currencies when you exchange money. Never worry about expensive foreign exchange again.


We believe in financial freedom for everyone, no matter what their credit rating or employment status is. That’s why we don’t run credit checks or have long-winded application processes.

Get These Local Account Details With Us

These are the account details you can share with others to receive money. Anyone can use these to pay you just like they'd pay a local.

Canadian Dollar

Account Number

United States Dollar

Routing number and Account number

Hong Kong Dollars

Bank code, Bank name, and Account number

Great Britain Pounds

UK sort code, Account number,
and IBAN


Bank code (SWIFT/BIC) and IBAN